A Dangerous Distillment

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a pack of ladies who don’t care for the heavy amounts of bro culture in the so-called “western literary canon” tear ernest hemingway limb from limb

a farewell to arms

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the first episode of the season is always awkward bc of the way they namedrop and stuff for new people or to remind people. like when you talk to your dad are you like “i, jaime of house lannister, the one they call kingslayer, who lost his hand also our symbol is the lion and we are rich and the king”

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Set 5/6 Pittsburgh WTNV live

Dylan Marron looking impossibly adorable.  He was so cute, I just wanted to squeeze him!  But I did not.

It was a cute as heck show

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Feminist Dragons

Inspired by X

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Even when I wanted to die, to kill myself
To rip each cell of my being apart, not once,
Not ever, did I miss a piece of homework.

Or fail a test or skip an hour-long lesson.
Sure, I skipped three meals a day but at least
I had my priorities straight.

I see these kids walking in front of me to school.
I see them, and they are zombies.
Blank faces, I doubt they’ve slept,
Probably up all night doing that essay
They forgot to do because their parents
Asked them to spend a few hours with them.

And I know this isn’t right but
I remember overhearing someone rant
About how mental illnesses are so common these
Days; they’ve become the latest fashion accessories
For the young.

It’s popular to be damaged. That makes no sense.
These kids are going insane.

Perhaps if you looked the tiniest
Bit further you’d see that this system is not working.
The clue is that millions of children are being literally
Driven mad by it each day.
But at least they’re averaging Bs
And thank god they cut themselves when they
leave school so the teachers don’t have to deal with it.

"Report Card Papercuts" - R.R-P (wildwritings)

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Lucy (2014)

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We started out the hour with happy thoughts and heart-pounding excitement. This was it. This was our moment. After nine years of slap bets, drunken hook-ups, hilarious shenanigans and failed relationships, our 208-episode journey was almost over. Ted was going to meet The Mother—the woman of his dreams and the (mostly) unseen star of our hit comedy.

Fast forward one hour later. We no longer have a spring in our step and a song in our hearts. (It was “500 Miles,” bee-tee-dubs.) We’re baffled, hurt, upset and dare we say it…really pissed off!

- E!’s HIMYM finale recap

Word to the wise HIMYM writers, when even the E! recappers are pissed at you, you did something pretty shitty.

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are you really bisexual?

Prove it, complete this bisexual obstacle course

omg can I please?

that sounds fun

Like some kind of bisexual Wipeout






If you think the Bisexual Obstacle course was hard, just wait until you see the Pansexual’s Labyrinth.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to reblog this until I saw “Pansexual’s Labyrinth”.

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when friend’s parents pay for your food and you have to pretend you don’t want them to

When you’ve come over for dinner so many times you know you’re not even allowed to offer and you don’t know what to do.

ahahaha <3